“We have a responsibility to return to our community and the world a portion of what we earn from our endeavors and that of the people who work with us.” – Mary Nelson, Co-Founder

With a shared vision of responsibility and service, Kemin is committed to improving lives in our communities and around the world through charitable involvement, valued partnerships and sustainable operations.     

Charitable Involvement - We seek and support organizations that enhance science and education or care for underprivileged children.  Organizations we currently support include: Youth Emergency Services & Shelter (YESS), Habitat for Humanity and Kemin Hope Primary School.

YESS - Each December, Kemin hosts a YESS Charity Auction to raise money used to purchase gifts for the children living at the Youth Emergency Services & Shelter facility over the holidays.

Habitat for Humanity - Since 2001, Kemin employees in Des Moines have donated hours of sweat equity to help build homes for low-income families through Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity.

Kemin Hope Primary School - After an earthquake devastated Sichuan Province, China, in 2008, including a school in Qin Chang village, southwest of Chengdu, Kemin officials announced the company would collect and match employee donations that would be used to help rebuild the area.

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Valued Partnerships - We partner with the World Food Programme and The World Food Prize to improve global food security.

World Food Programme - Organized the very same year Kemin began operations (1961), the World Food Programme (WFP) pursues a vision of the world in which every man, woman and child has access at all times to the food needed for an active and healthy life. Kemin has been working with the World Food Programme for several years, sharing its understanding of how to prevent the degradation of food.

The World Food Prize - Kemin has been an active supporter and participant in The World Food Prize, started by Nobel Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug, since the prize returned to Des Moines in 1990.

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Sustainable Operations - We use sustainable resources and replenish what we use to minimize our impact on the environment and make the world a better place to live, today and in the future.

Practicing Sustainability - As a supplier of ingredients used in products consumed by people and animals, we constantly work to identify and develop sustainable alternatives.

Providing Natural Alternatives - Our Specialty Crop Improvement (SCI) team continues to research plants and identify beneficial molecules that provide customers with a natural alternative.

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YESS™, is a trademark of Youth Emergency Services & Shelter of Iowa; Habitat for Humanity® is the registered trademark of Habitat for Humanity International, Inc.; World Food Programme® is the registered trademark of the World Food Programme, an agency of the United Nations, and the World Food Prize® is the registered trademark of the World Food Prize Foundation, Inc
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